Why SaudiTalentJobs?

The economic growth in Saudi Arabia has received a major setback in the recent times owing to certain political and financial reasons. The government has hence emphasized on giving preference to native people for jobs over the foreign workers. The administration believes this would boost its economic growth and bring down the budget deficit to zero by 2020 from 15% of gross domestic product in 2015.

In the run, the kingdom is targeting to create more than 450,000 fresh jobs for the citizens of Saudi Arabia in the private-sector by 2020. With the outbreak of such profusion of new jobs, the instant need is to help the employers connect with talented job seekers to work in various departments. This could altogether contribute to sustainable national development, which is where Saudi Talent Jobs could be of immense help.

Why Saudi Talent Jobs?

We believe that the empowerment is one of the most significant issues to affect the labor market. Hence, we encourage the nationalization of the manpower of contractors in Saudi Arabia, in line with the country’s strategic direction and imperatives. To support the corporate value of citizenship, we are committed to building the talent pipeline in Saudi Arabia.

How we help?

Our job portal is exclusively dedicated to empowering talented Saudi citizens with the best of jobs in the public and private sector. We enable job seekers to create their detailed profile, which could help the interested employers/contractors to choose them for the vacant positions at their end. For the economy of any country to sustain and succeed, consistent pipeline of productive citizens holds high essence. At Saudi Talent Jobs, we bring all those talented Saudi Nationals, equipped with apt skills and capabilities, on a common platter.

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