Privacy Policy is dedicated to securing the privacy of our clients. We aim at ensuring you a completely protected online environment. Any data you submit to us will remain confidential and will be leveraged or disclosed only on some specific instances as mentioned here.

As a professional website, will require the job applicants and employers to provide any information related to the candidate or the job to optimize the working of search functionality. All the data you submitted is solely intentional. Please go through the main points of our customer privacy practices.


If you wish to engage in our job search activities or want to use our candidate database, you need to register with us. If you prefer to remain a non-registered user, you will get access to only partial participation of our, where you may scroll through jobs but cannot get contact details of the concerned company/individual.

To register as the member of, you will require providing your contact information irrespective of whether you are a job applicant or an employer. In addition, if you are an employer, you will also need to provide details about your company. owns the information included in the registration pages in entirety and commits itself to keep it confidential until and unless required by the law. However, we may use your name and email address to update you about the newly introduced/improved services or features at our end, which could be of your interest. We intend to ensure you a personalized experience, each time you login to our site. For the same reason, we may also direct our members to relevant jobs, write-ups or forums that we believe could be helpful in boosting your lifestyle or career.

The information we collect excludes the details of credit card of our customers. We do not store, share, rent/sell or lease the credit card details of our members to any third party, whatsoever.


We allow our members to post their CVs by any of the two given methods.

  • You can post your CV in our database and deactivate it. This will mean that your CV will remain hidden from the employers or any other member and will not appear in any of the searches. Only you can access it to take reference at any time
  • You can post your CV and activate it to enable the paid employers gain access to your CV through search functionality. In any such circumstance, we will not be responsible for the secrecy of your CV or any of its copies. The employer members may or may not retain the copy of your CV in their own system.

As an extra protection measure, we allow job seekers to block their current employer from gaining access to their CVs via search functionality. You may alter/change data on your CV anytime. You may likewise delete your CVs from our databases anytime.

Public Profiles

Employment searchers have the alternative to make a Public Profile based on the data that they furnish on their CV. They completely comprehend that by doing so they are making their profile public and accessible by search engines. Job applicants can decide to enable/disable their Public Profile at any point of time. Employment searchers should keep this in mind that activating their public profile will enable search engines and others may download it for further use. Even if the job seekers disable their public profile, it is beyond the control of to restrict the views of their Public profile obtained by search engines.

Job Postings requires companies looking for employees to provide complete contact information along with the details of the job they want to post. During job posting activity, the employers should bear in mind that they are doing so willingly, as any registered or non-registered member can view the job details easily. The non-registered members need to register with our site to gain access to the contact details of the concerned employer.

As an additional privacy feature, employers may hide their company name when their jobs are viewed online. Your privacy will thus remain assured while job seekers have the option to reply to the posting.

Your Personal workspace

Registered employers and job searchers at have a personal profile page from where they manage their company profile or control their search history. Only registered users can gain access to this personal workspace after logging in with their respective passwords.

Privacy updates will make sure to keep you updated of any changes we make in our privacy policies. We are always committed to protecting and enhancing the privacy of our customers.

Refunds and cancellations

For any concern related to discounts, refunds or cancellations you may please get in touch with our sales team, the details of which you can find on our “Contact Us” page. The decision of will be deemed final in any of the concerns related to discount, refund or cancellation, which will depend on the respective cases. Any of the refund requests will be entertained only via original payment mode.